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Merchants Auto

“For the last two years we have been using their product and have seen amazing results. Customers have stayed on our website a lot longer…Amazing video with everything you could possibly want. They provided the horsepower in all the dimensions. We sell and deliver with tremendous success with WheelsTV.”

Scott Rienert, Internet Sales Manager


Acton Chyrsler Dodge Jeep RAM

“An excellent tool for our sales people. Very nice way of engaging our customers, letting them see the car in action…I had almost double the follow-ups from my Internet leads last week, and of the seven using the WheelsTV Showroom, three came in and ALL THREE BOUGHT.”

Brian Loiseau, General Manager


Gervais Ford

“I would recommend it to other dealers because it gives the consumers a place to research their vehicles, find out what sort of options and features, and different characteristics about the vehicle they don’t get when they come into the dealership. That to me is one of the biggest attributes.”

John Gervais, General Manager


Car Buyer Testimonials

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“I don’t know a lot about cars except where to put the gas, so I really appreciated watching the videos that my Chevrolet dealer emailed to me. It gave me a ton of information about the Spark in a short amount of time so I was able to choose fuel economy without compromising safety, which is important for this daily commuter!”
– Mary T, Austin, TX

“My wife and I really enjoyed taking these virtual test drives and learning about each car that my Mazda dealer has for sale. We ended up buying from the same guys that we searched for in the first place and it saved us a TON of time!”
– Michael O’L, Concord, MA


“Although I don’t drive very much, my current car is over ten years old and it was time for a new one. I’d read about the Dealer Video Showroom in the Boston Globe and figured it was worth checking out since I needed to get educated on the new cars of today. After taking a bunch of virtual test drives at a Ford dealer’s website, I settled on a Ford Focus and got on the phone with a sales rep from the dealership. They worked up a low mileage lease for me and were very easy to work with since I knew a lot more, having done my homework with the videos.”
– Gail T, Waltham, MA


“I was considering a sub-compact or compact sedan and wanted to get a good look at what was out there. I Googled “video test drive” and videos for a Toyota dealer near me came up. It was a tough choice since I was also considering a Honda, but I went with a Corolla because the virtual test drive really caught my eye and got me excited to visit the dealership for an in-person test drive.”
– David P, Bedford, NH


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