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Give Your Dealership’s Customers On Demand Car Stats

Posted by Collin Davis on 06/22/2015

Despite all the hype about how the Internet has wrought major changes for car dealerships and the world of auto sales, one major change has stirred up relatively little excitement: people shopping for cars can get more stats and more information about any model of car they’re interested in. While this might seem like an obvious feature of the Internet, it’s a fact that few dealerships have effectively adjusted to. The dealership and interaction with sales professionals used to be a major source of information for car shoppers, with magazines and books rounding out the data for a small portion of…

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Take Your Used Car Sales High Tech

Posted by Collin Davis on 06/15/2015

Private party used car sales are all the rage thanks to sites like Craigslist and the online classified sections of sites like CarGurus and AutoTrader, but you know as well as anybody that used car sales are still a profitable part of many dealership’s business—as long as those dealerships are taking the right approach. You can either decide that the Internet has cut into margins on used cars, and that staying in the game means scraping by in a race to the bottom, or you can decide to embrace the twenty-first century and use online used car shopping to your advantage. If…

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How Video Can Help You Capture Mobile Car Shoppers

Posted by Collin Davis on 06/08/2015

Whether or not you pay attention to the latest tech trends, you probably know that mobile is a pretty big deal. Not only did Google just roll out an update to their search algorithm that gives mobile-friendly sites and content a major boost in search engine rankings (while dropping everything else all but out of sight), but more and more web browsing, email reading, and yes, even video watching is taking place on mobile devices. In fact, mobile Internet traffic—online access by smartphones, tablets, and similar mobile devices—overtook traffic headed to non-mobile devices like desktop and laptop computers in early 2014,…

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Is Your Auto Dealership Taking Advantage of Social Media Shoppers?

Posted by Collin Davis on 06/01/2015

The research is in, and if your auto dealership doesn’t have a strong social media presence you’re missing out on some major sales opportunities. It isn’t enough to just set up a Facebook page and have your junior sales associate hammer out a few Tweets a day, either—you’ve got to deliver more, and you’ve got to do it better than the competition if you want it to make a difference. Social Media is the New Hot Spot for Car Buying Research Crowdtap, a brand consultancy and marketing firm that engages directly with real consumers to find out what people want in the…

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3 Stats to Change Your Mind About Video Marketing and Car Sales

Posted by Collin Davis on 05/25/2015

Whether it’s customers coming in to haggle over the price or corporate checking in to see how your team compares, in the auto biz it’s all about the numbers. Volume, margin, financing, and more: you have to track all the stats in order to keep your dealership on track. Yet even with this number-centric mindset, many car dealerships have resisted diving into video marketing despite the numbers showing video to be a clear winner over other marketing types. We’re here with three stats to show you just why this resistance to video is wrong, and what you can expect when it…

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