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Keep Your Dealership Competitive Even When Interest Rates Rise

Posted by Collin Davis on 10/19/2015

US car sales have kept booming in recent months, and in fact the auto industry has received a lot of credit from economists and other analysts for propping up otherwise-sagging receipts in the retail sector. A large part of the continued acquisition of new vehicles, according to the number crunchers who determine this sort of things, is the fact that interest rates have stayed low ever since the dawn of the Great Recession. Rising incomes combined with near-zero rates means lots of car buying in recent years. You probably know the basics of how interest rates are set in the US,…

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Dealer Video Showroom Draws a Crowd at Digital Dealer 19

Posted by Jim Barisano on 10/15/2015

Las Vegas, Nevada, October 6-7, 2015 – The Paris Hotel was the site of WheelsTV’s presentation of the Dealer Video Showroom to the many auto dealers gathered for the 19th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition where the latest technological innovations in consumer auto sales were demonstrated. Amongst the many software as a service (SaaS) products, one stood out as a forecaster of the way cars will be bought and sold for the foreseeable future: The multi-award-winning Dealer Video Showroom (DVS).…

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Innovating for Efficiency Boosts Auto Sales

Posted by Collin Davis on 10/12/2015

Web 2.0 is here to stay, and “disruption” has become the buzzword of the second major technological and business boom to hit in the Internet Age (the first being the dot-com boom of the 1990s). Startup after startup is promising to revolutionize even the most mundane of industries, from retail shaving razors to buying airplane tickets to how your pets are groomed. There’s been shortage of industry disruption when it come sto automotive sales, with companies like CarMax, TrueCar, and even non-specific operators like Craigslist proving to be real game changes in the sale of both new and used vehicles. More…

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Are Low Gas Prices Fueling Car Sales?

Posted by Collin Davis on 10/05/2015

Let’s face it: we’re all a little obsessed with prices at the pump. Whether or not the President has any real control over the cost of oil or what gas stations charge for a full tank, the ups and downs of fuel prices are constantly trotted out by politicians and pundits as evidence of failure or success when it comes to an administration’s economic policy, and the current run of low per-gallon charges have been making headlines for months. Stepping away from the politics and back towards reality, gas prices really do have an impact on people’s daily lives—especially for those…

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When Classic Cars Meet Modern Tech, Sales Climb

Posted by Collin Davis on 09/28/2015

Classic Car Week just wrapped up in Monterey, CA, and though sales are down a touch from last year—a fact that can be largely attributed to 2014’s record-breaking $38 million sale of a ’62 Ferrari 250 GTO—things are only looking up for the classic car community. And, in a move that mimics trends in retail auto sales, more and more classic car buyers are going online to find the perfect set of wheels at a price that makes them purr. Growing Internet Reach and Skyrocketing Classic Car Sales No Coincidence Just a decade ago, classic car week would yield under $80 million…

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