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WheelsTV Announces Finalists for 2018 POV of the Year

Posted by WheelsTV on 05/25/2018

WheelsTV CEO Jim Barisano on the left helps Chris Naughton of Honda heft the largest (and heaviest) North American auto industry award at the 2017 Annual NEMPA Awards Night.   On the evening of May 3rd, executives from the New England Motor Press Association and WheelsTV met at WheelsTV’s Acton, Massachusetts headquarters to select the 2018 WheelsTV POV of the Year Recipient. The WheelsTV POV of the Year Award recognizes a pre-owned vehicle that has been in service for at least two years and demonstrates outstanding long-term reliability and exceptional consumer satisfaction. In 2017, the 2012-2015 Honda CR-V took top honors.   Now in its tenth year, the…

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Posted by WheelsTV on 05/21/2018

  We live in a video-centric world.  Everywhere we look there is a video screen ready to serve up exactly what we are want.  How many times do you reach for your mobile device each day? Try counting the times. For me it’s at least 25 times.  It sits in a holster on my hip from the moment I get dressed in the morning to when I finally climb into bed late at night.  And then it’s on the night table next to me…just in case I need to Google something. And when I don’t have my mobile device belted on,…

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VIDEO: Essential to Every Dealership’s Success

Posted by Jim Barisano on 03/21/2017

Ask any dealer what the key to dealership success is and they’ll always say: “Sell more cars!” Whether it’s the owner, sales manager, Internet sales manager or sales associate, “Sell more cars!” is always the battle cry. Sounds simple enough, but actually boosting sales, lowering costs and improving the bottom line is a witches’ brew of marketing, sales, PR, promotions, inventory control, CRM and cost analysis. Each of these ingredients to success, right down to the coffee and donuts that are served to prospective customers, needs to constantly evolve to match emerging trends, consumer behavior, the latest technologies and what is proving…

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Dealer Video Showroom Reports Record Growth in 2016

Posted by Jim Barisano on 01/26/2017

Acton, MA, Los Angeles, CA. WheelsTV announces record 2016 Dealer Video Showroom licensing growth of 44.9%. The Dealer Video Showroom is the world’s first interactive video test drive platform. Dealers coast to coast that are now using this patent-pending video platform are doubling their lead conversions, tripling car shoppers’ time on site, boosting traffic to their search results pages and vehicle details pages and setting more appointments. Dealers provide the Dealer Video Showroom to car shoppers as a free online car shopping service. The engaging, interactive video experience adds enjoyment to the vehicle selection process, accelerating the consumer’s path to purchase. Car shoppers…

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Virtual is the New Test Drive for Consumers

Posted by Jim Barisano on 11/28/2016

Virtual is the New Test Drive for Consumers This is an exciting time to be in the online new and used car marketplace for a digital video technology company like WheelsTV. Think with Google’s October 2016 report entitled What These 3 Auto Trends Mean for Brands states: “Consumer behavior is changing—and VIDEO is leading the drive. In years’ past, a consumer might have read reviews in magazines, asked friends and relatives for advice, and visited any number of dealerships before settling on a vehicle. That practice has gone the way of the in-dash tape deck.” We might also add the glossy…

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