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The Scoop on Online Video, Mobile Marketing, and Dealership Interactions

Posted by Collin Davis on 01/18/2016

We’ve been sharing insights from former automotive marketer and current YouTube head David Mogensen — here and here — and as you might imagine, he’s got a lot of awesome information that dealerships can put to direct use in their online marketing efforts. So far, you’ve seen just how important video is in most of today’s car buyer’s process, how rapidly video-based auto marketing grew in 2015, and how mobile searches specifically are helping to drive car sales.

Mobile search—and having the right information and media on your site to rank well in those searches—is undoubtedly important, but there’s even more to mobile that modern dealerships need to be paying attention to.

How Mobile Devices Are Changing the Car Dealership Experience

Amongst all car buyers who used a mobile device for any part of the car buying process, a third used those devices to locate and contact a dealership. The search is a huge readiness signal and a huge opportunity to capture a hot prospect, and as mobile searches grow your site’s mobile attractiveness will become ever more essential.

You need to be the first dealership in your area to show up in mobile searches for your vehicles, or you’re losing as much as 70% of your potential leads. Lots of buyers click on the first result they get, and while people are more likely to shop around for cars than other items they’re also more likely to stay with the dealership they contact first, assuming you have the service mentality and the savvy to keep them on the line.

And that includes keeping them engaged after they arrive on your lot.

If you’ve never seen a potential customer pull their smartphone out of their pocket while standing on your lot, you’re part of a small and shrinking club—mobile searches for car prices and configurations rose 46% last year, and they weren’t exactly uncommon to begin with. In 2015, at least half of all car shoppers who own mobile devices (and that’s pretty much all of 2015’s car shoppers) used those mobile devices at the dealership.

You need to look good and be first on the mobile web, even when you already have a motivated buyer standing right in front of you. Pricing is the most commonly searched detail from folks standing on the lot, but you’ve already experienced the price competition the Internet introduced. Rather than seeing this as an added barrier, use your customers’ mobile searches as an opportunity to provide better service both online and in person. There are plenty of ways to win them over.

Attracting and Acquiring Car Buyers Through Mobile

Ultimately, mobile works the same way as the traditional web: produce the information people want in the forms they like in a way that plays nicely with their devices, and you’ll do great. Mobile-ready video that addresses the most common searches will help your dealership rank for all relevant searches, and will help you generate leads and retain interest, plain and simple.

You can see just how simple by scheduling a Dealer Video Showroom demo any time.

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