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Online Auto Marketing Insights Straight from Google: Part 2

Posted by Collin Davis on 01/11/2016

Last week in Part 1 of this article, we introduced you to former automotive marketer and current head of YouTube David Mogensen, who shared some valuable tidbits of information specific to automakers and dealerships.

The fact that 69% of people who saw video car reviews considered them more influential than newspapers, magazines, or any other media was pretty astounding, but that’s just the beginning. YouTube’s research and Mogensen’s analysis went deeper than that, and we’re ready to breakdown some of the more fine-tuned figures with our own insights for today’s car dealerships looking for a digital edge on the competition.

Most Car Buyers Start Shopping Without a Clue

According to Mogensen, 60% of car buyers in 2015 started shopping for a car with no real idea what car they wanted. They weren’t doing research to compare makes and models or to investigate a car that had caught their eye—not at first, any way—they were doing research just to come up with a short list of possible car contenders.

That’s a great opportunity to catch their attention not only with your cars, but with your dealership.

Buyers who enter the market completely undecided are the ones who want the most detailed information, but they’re also the ones who need the ability to make immediate at-a-glance comparisons. A well-constructed video can give them both with an up-front overview and an easily navigable menu of features and specifications they can view. The earlier you can capture and keep their attention, the better chance you have of landing a sale, and the right videos are the best way to get the job done.

Views of Car Walkthrough and Highlight Videos Doubled in a Year

The most popular type of car videos among car shoppers were video test drives: videos that highlighted features and options, and videos that provided a walkthrough of vehicle interiors and exteriors. Their popularity over other types of auto marketing videos has been pretty consistent year over year, but 2015 saw views of this kind of video DOUBLE compared to 2014.

That’s a huge increase, and a clear sign of what consumers are looking for in their car-buying experience. Dealerships that have these kinds of videos available are dramatically increasing their odds of capturing online shoppers—and online is where virtually all of today’s car shoppers are going for information.

Heavy Car Searching is About to Hit

One of the most immediately actionable details of the research YouTube and Mogensen shared is the fact that February sees a giant jump in searches of “car for sale” with a target price included—possibly a result of tax return expectations, according to Mogensen. That means gearing up to improve your search rankings right now could pay dividends the whole year long, as people commit to purchases they started considering earlier on.

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