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Online Auto Marketing Insights Straight from Google: Part 1

Posted by Collin Davis on 01/04/2016

We talk a lot about the importance of video in online marketing, both in general and specifically in regards to the auto industry. We’ve talked about how video is a more engaging medium, grants your dealership a stronger sense of authority, improves your search engine rankings, and helps sell more cars.

Of course, we could be accused of having an ulterior motive. We are, after all, offering to provide your dealership with a full suite of informational and interactive videos covering every make and model of car made and sold since 2008, giving you a great way to give your customers what they want and get an edge over the competition. So it’s possible we might be a little biased.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take our word for it.

The head of Google-owned YouTube, David Mogensen, recently released an article that breaks down the numbers when it comes to video marketing in the auto world. A leading automotive marketer before he stepped into his role at YouTube’s helm, Mogensen appreciates the changes auto brands and dealerships have faced in the Internet Age, and his insights are an invaluable resource…

…and make an even stronger case for what we’ve been saying all along.

Video Influences Car Buyers More Than Any Other Medium

The most striking take-away from YouTube’s research and Mogensen’s article is the fact that 69% of car buyers who used YouTube to research cars reported being more influenced by the videos they saw than they were by things they read or saw on TV, newspapers, or magazines. And with more than THREE MILLION HOURS of car review videos watched on YouTube just in the first three quarters of 2015, that’s a whole lot of influence!

It isn’t just YouTube, either. Though it’s by far the world’s most popular video platform in terms of hours watched and videos posted, videos found elsewhere are similarly influential. More than text descriptions of vehicle features, more than reviews in trusted newspapers, more than detailed analyses published in automotive magazines, video is what car buyers are paying attention to when it comes to making actual purchase decisions.

Video consumption is also growing rapidly, on YouTube and elsewhere, and the growing availability, popularity, and authority of video car reviews all contribute to an upward cycle that will make video all the more essential for dealerships in the coming year.

Digging Deeper into YouTube’s Video Marketing Insights for Car Dealers

We’ve just scratched the surface of the great info YouTube and Mogensen have to offer to automakers and car dealerships when it comes to attracting today’s buyers in the online marketplace. Tune in to Part 2 of this article next week for deeper insights and even more compelling reasons to start adopting a comprehensive video plan for your dealership today.

PS – To start putting your video plan into action, you can contact us anytime.

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