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Monthly: January 2016

Mobile Search and Video for Car Shoppers: Numbers from the Experts

Posted byCollin Davison25 01 2016. 0 Comments

In some ways, auto dealerships are luckier than businesses in most other industries when it comes to video marketing. YouTube—far and away the world’s largest video platform, from both a consumer and a marketer perspective—is currently under the command of David Mogensen, a former automotive marketer. That means a lot of…

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The Scoop on Online Video, Mobile Marketing, and Dealership Interactions

Posted byCollin Davison18 01 2016. 0 Comments

We’ve been sharing insights from former automotive marketer and current YouTube head David Mogensen — here and here — and as you might imagine, he’s got a lot of awesome information that dealerships can put to direct use in their online marketing efforts. So far, you’ve seen just how important video is…

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Online Auto Marketing Insights Straight from Google: Part 2

Posted byCollin Davison11 01 2016. 0 Comments

Last week in Part 1 of this article, we introduced you to former automotive marketer and current head of YouTube David Mogensen, who shared some valuable tidbits of information specific to automakers and dealerships. The fact that 69% of people who saw video car reviews considered them more influential than newspapers, magazines,…

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Online Auto Marketing Insights Straight from Google: Part 1

Posted byCollin Davison04 01 2016. 0 Comments

We talk a lot about the importance of video in online marketing, both in general and specifically in regards to the auto industry. We’ve talked about how video is a more engaging medium, grants your dealership a stronger sense of authority, improves your search engine rankings, and helps sell more…

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