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Combining Email and Video to Rock Your Dealership’s Outbound Marketing in 2016

Posted by Collin Davis on 12/30/2015

The writing has been on the virtual wall for some time now: traditional car buying is fading away fast, and as in all periods of industrial upheaval the more proactive your response the better. Resistance truly is futile; the internet is very much here to stay, and it’s changing the face of car buying just as it’s changed retail sales in every other sector—not to mention the way it’s revolutionized communication, finance, entertainment…

Of course, you probably don’t need us telling you this. If you own or manage a dealership anywhere within a hundred miles of a reliable internet connection, you’ve seen the changes yourself. You know that consumers can more easily find comprehensive information about any cars they’re considering buying; that they can seek opinions from friends, relatives, and car-based online communities in minutes; that they can comparison shop and pit dealer against dealer in price wars that leave you with slumping commissions and frequently stagnant sales numbers.

It’s difficult to compete on salesmanship and all but impossible to compete on price when consumers do some or even all of their shopping online.

But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible to compete.

Adding Value to the Car Buying Experience Creates Value for Your Dealership

When you can’t compete on product or price, and when your chances of getting a customer in front of a live salesperson are slim, you have to find new ways to add value to the experience of car buying itself. Make it more informative, enjoyable, efficient, and transparent and engage in more effective and proactive outreach that keeps you—and not your competitors—in front of your customers before, during, and after their purchasing cycle.

Email has consistently been one of the most effective marketing tools, online or otherwise, since it first entered the mainstream. This is still true today; if you can manage to hang on to email subscribers by regularly hitting their inbox with engaging content, you’ve got a constant source of hot leads that can easily be converted when the time is right. Stay out in front, and your competition won’t even have a chance.

As internet-connected devices have grown more powerful and bandwidth has become more available, video has gained prominence as a marketing tool. Research suggests that video is 64-85% more likely to convert a sale than other marketing.

Combine the power of email and video by embedding the right informative and interactive videos in emails with eye-catching subject lines and short introductory copy, and you can improve your click-through rates by up to 300%, while also significantly reducing unsubscribes and boosting sharing and organic email list growth.

That’s proactive outreach that gets consumers engaged and keeps you closing sales, not despite the fact that your customers are online but because you went out and met them there.

Get the Right Videos for Your Dealership at the Right Price, Right Now

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PS – Happy New Year from all of us at WheelsTV!

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