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Video is King for Modern Car Dealerships’ Digital Marketing

Posted by Collin Davis on 11/30/2015

The phrase “content is king” became has been a cliche of the digital marketing world for years at this point, but it’s no less true now than it was when the phrase was first uttered. There’s just one difference: the type of content that gives businesses of all types the most success has shifted from text to visuals to videos, to the point that any company that hasn’t made video a part of their online marketing strategy is missing a huge chunk of their potential market share—and rapidly losing ground to their competitors.

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. The importance of video as part of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy—and indeed, as the centerpiece of the most effective dealership marketing initiatives—was a consistent theme at the recent Digital Dealer 19 conference held in Las Vegas. We were there, and we’re happy to relay some key points on video marketing made by the expert speakers at the event.

Video is a Cross-Platform Car Buyer-Capturing and Converting Gold Mine

The most important piece of advice delivered at Digital Dealer 19 when it comes to video content for your dealership can be summed up in two words: get some.

From video’s role in positioning you in an increasingly competitive environment to the way video translates to different screens and video experiences to the unique capacity video has for building interactive relationships with potential customers, there is no more effective tool for your digital marketing efforts. At this point, pretty much ANY video is better than none at all; whether or not you’re using videos on your site and in your social media efforts, we can pretty much guarantee you have a direct competitor who is.

Of course, there are also ways to do video better than the competition. Understanding the relationship-building value of video is key—the more you fill your videos with content and information that car buyers want, delivered in a tone that is informational rather than a sales pitch, the more authoritative and approachable your dealership becomes. The more responsive, fast-loading, and interactive your videos are, the higher they’ll surface in search engine results and the more they’ll boost all of your dealership’s other digital marketing efforts.

The more comprehensive your video approach is—the better it covers your inventory and the more it fills your marketing spaces—the more effective your video efforts as a whole will be.

These are all points made not just by us here at Dealer Video Showroom, but by other industry insiders and experts at Digital Dealership 19. With six different seminars devoted solely and specifically to video marketing for car dealerships, and with video mentioned in many of the other 100+ breakout sessions during the conference, it’s clear that video needs to be a major part of your marketing efforts.

How Dealer Video Showroom Can Help

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