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Is Your Dealership’s Media Ready for Mobile?

Posted by Collin Davis on 11/23/2015

The Digital Dealer 19 conference we attended last month provided a wealth of information on specific topics relevant to modern dealerships and their online marketing efforts. We’ve already posted two articles here and here about the social media discussions that took place at the conference, and we’ve barely scratched the surface of the relevant information—we highly encourage you to grab a copy of the agenda and see what else was said on the subject.

Social media isn’t the only area of rapid and important development in the digital marketing space, though; mobile marketing is also becoming increasingly important for dealerships across the nation.

Not only are more people using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to do more of their online browsing, including their shopping for vehicles and other goods, but Google is actually penalizing websites that aren’t mobile-friendly: people browsing on traditional desktop computers will be less likely to find your dealership’s site if it isn’t designed to work well with mobile.

In short, if your site isn’t geared towards mobile, you’ll be out of gas before your potential customers’ journey even starts.

Making the Most of Your Dealership’s Mobile Readiness

Numerous sessions at Digital Dealer 19 dealt with different aspects of mobile marketing for today’s modern dealerships. We’re here to break down the bullet points based on the sessions we attended and our own ongoing research. Mobile friendliness isn’t as complicated as you might think—a little bit of action guided by the right knowledge is all it takes to stay on top of your mobile game.

First, the content rules are the same: you can’t sacrifice the quality of the information you present or the way you present it in order to satisfy mobile’s other demands. Interactive visual content will still serve you and your consumers best, so don’t cut corners—keep your mobile media rich and engaging.

Second, your content needs to easily scale to different screen sizes across different platforms and mobile devices. It also needs to load quickly over mobile networks without lags, false starts, or long pauses for buffering. If you’re thinking about going with more text and less multimedia as a way to sidestep these technical hurdles, see the above paragraph.

Third, you need to have appropriate lead generation and capturing tools in place for your mobile marketing efforts. With the right design, the same tools that work for desktop browsers will also work with mobile visitors, but if your site is out-of-date, this won’t be the case. The time to modernize is now; mobile is very much the present, not just the future.

Vehicle-Specific Video for a Seamless Mobile Experience

High quality content that works with desktop and mobile devices and platforms, loading quickly and easily for all visitors while retaining the full value you want to provide to your customers might seem like an impossible task, but there’s good news: we’ve done it all for you.

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when you can plug the media-rich resources of Dealer Video Showroom into your site in a matter of minutes. Interactive, mobile friendly videos on every make and model of car sold in the Unites States Since 2008—neither you nor your consumers could ask for anything more from a mobile marketing experience.

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