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Digital Dealer 19 and the Social Media Storm: Part 2

Posted by Collin Davis on 11/16/2015

In our last post, we talked a bit about the emphasis on social media apparent in the speaking agenda for the Digital Dealer 19 conference we attended last month in Las Vegas. We briefly outlined the keynote address and a following presentation, which together spelled out the necessity of having an effective social media presence and the concrete steps required to establish one: give consumers the information they need using the interactive visuals they want.

This was just the beginning of the social media gold that could be dug up at this year’s conference, though; there were plenty of other seminars dedicated directly to social media and to broader concepts that have implications for social media marketing in today’s increasingly “social” world. One lecture in particular stuck out as something we think modern dealerships need to be paying attention to, as it constitutes a major shift in perspective from the old way of doing business.

Social Culture as a Paradigm Shift for Auto Dealerships

Subi Ghosh of Dealer Authority has been extolling the virtues of social media marketing for quite some time. Not only has it been a necessary addition to a modern dealership’s marketing repertoire in this era of increasing competition, but it adds some powerful data-gathering and -analysis potentials, too. Social media is good for outreach, and good for making more sense of your leads and your sales funnel.

In 2016 and beyond, though, social media needs to be seen with even more importance. Literally EVERYTHING your dealership does, whether viewed positively or negatively by your consumers and your potential customers, is potential fodder for social media—either on your properties or someone else’s. This is the paradigm shift of “social culture” that Ghosh insists all modern dealerships must adopt if they want to remain successful.

In a nutshell, the concept of “social culture” means that your dealership—like every other modern business and modern person—is now a social media entity, whether you actively and consciously foster this reality or not. The more you and your dealership acknowledge and respond to this reality in a proactive manner, taking control of your social identity and making sure that it permeates every interaction taken by your dealership and its staff, the more positive the impacts of social culture will be on your business.

Every interaction on your sales floor is potentially part of your digital marketing effort. Every sale you close can be a chance for social media success. Every phone call fielded by the last-hired receptionist sitting in your office could turn into a tweet or a Facebook post seconds after it ends. Recognizing these realities means returning to a gold standard of customer service in absolutely every engagement; taking control of your social media presence means taking control of every aspect of your operation as a dealership.

Dealer Video Showroom Gives You a More Positive Social Media Presence

Social culture also demands that you take a proactive approach to your direct social media marketing efforts, too. The more content you consciously publish to your social media properties, the more control you have over your broader social media presence. Dealer Video Showroom can help you establish and maintain the positive presence you’re after by giving you plenty of social-friendly content that starts every customer interaction off on the right foot.

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