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Digital Dealer 19 and the Social Media Storm: Part 1

Posted by Collin Davis on 11/10/2015

Last month we attended the 19th Digital Dealer conference in Las Vegas, and in addition to having a great time meeting, mingling, and marketing, we also learned a bunch. If you weren’t able to attend, or if you missed some key sessions, not to worry: we’re about to break down some of the key takeaways from the week.

Social Media Marketing: A Must for Dealerships

Many breakout sessions over the three-day Digital Dealer conference covered specific topics in the social media world, and if that wasn’t enough to highlight the importance of social media marketing to today’s dealerships the entire keynote address was devoted to precisely that topic.

In a lecture titled “OWN Your Social Media,” Grant Cardone of Cardone Training Technologies, Inc. laid out not just the importance of establishing an effective and proactive social media presence, but providing a clear plan for doing so. The data on modern social media use is overwhelming, making it abundantly clear that consumers are looking at social media more and more. From casual browsing to seeking out specific answers and information, social media is where eyes are going.

The fact that people are seeking information is especially important. Cardone’s overall approach to sales has long been information-based, in a style that he calls “aggressive” yet “non-confrontational,” and this is exactly the type of salesmanship that works best on social media. Aggressive outreach that gets your dealership in front of consumer’s eyes by providing the valuable information that they’re looking for, not the heavy sales pitches they’d like to avoid.

Owning your social media means owning the information space in your area and for your vehicles, and that means generating quality content that easily and engagingly answers consumers’ questions.

Consumers Want Visuals On Their Social Media

One of the breakout sessions Digital Dealer 19 attendees could participate in immediately following Cardone’s keynote address was “The Power of Visual Content Used with Social Media,” led by Matthew Siltala of Avalaunch Media. As the straightforward title of his presentation suggests, visual content is far more powerful than text-based content on social media (and indeed, almost everywhere on the web).

Dealerships who truly want to “own” their social media don’t just need to present the right information, they need to present it in the right way. Interactive videos and graphics see far more engagement—from lead generations to building brand awareness to converting into actual sales—than static and/or non-visual content, making it clear where any savvy dealership’s social media investment should be going.

Video, Social Media, and the Modern Dealership

We got some eye-opening statistics and insights ourselves from attending these and other seminars during Digital Dealer 19, but in terms of general principles…we love to say we told you so.

We’ve been preaching the importance of video use in social media and on-site efforts for awhile now, and this most recent gathering of automotive digital marketing experts confirms what we’ve been saying. You need visual content that provides the information consumers want in a way they’d like to consume it, and Dealer Video Showroom can help you get there.

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