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Monthly: September 2015

When Classic Cars Meet Modern Tech, Sales Climb

Posted byCollin Davison28 09 2015. 0 Comments

Classic Car Week just wrapped up in Monterey, CA, and though sales are down a touch from last year—a fact that can be largely attributed to 2014’s record-breaking $38 million sale of a ’62 Ferrari 250 GTO—things are only looking up for the classic car community. And, in a move…

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What Climbing Car Sales Mean for Your Dealership

Posted byCollin Davison21 09 2015. 0 Comments

As new car sales continue to rise, dealerships are faced with an important choice: sit back and enjoy the ride, or take the proactive steps necessary to make sure you’re on top of the wave—and still sailing smoothly when it comes crashing down. Faster Sales and Higher Rates Aren’t About Luck…

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Is Your Car Dealership Competing Nationally?

Posted byCollin Davison14 09 2015. 0 Comments

People have been hopping across county and even state borders to get a better deal on their vehicle of choice—or to get the car with the perfect set of options and/or in the right color—for a long time. The Internet has broadened the competitive landscape from the regional to the…

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Edmunds and the Changing Game of Easy Auto Information

Posted byCollin Davison08 09 2015. 0 Comments

You’d think the fact that a large and growing number of car buyers are using the Internet to play dealerships off each other would be old news, yet somehow the game keeps changing. The latest move from consumer-oriented auto information behemoth Edmunds highlights the ease with which consumers can get…

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