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Does My Dealership’s Site Need Keywords for SEO?

Posted by Collin Davis on 08/24/2015

Online marketing is, let’s face it, a confusing, convoluted cesspool. There are way too many “marketers” using businesses’ lack of knowledge and experience with the Internet to sell outdated, inefficient, and at times even harmful services, at prices that create profit margins so high even cable companies would blush.

A lot of the hype and misinformation, beyond being used to line certain unscrupulous operators’ pockets, is also making it difficult for many dealerships to take the relatively simple steps they need to stay competitive in the Internet Age. Among one of the most commonly bandied-about terms is “keywording,” with pitch-men promising to perform “keyword audits” and make sure your dealership’s page is “keyword optimized,” then more often than not saying you need to buy their keyword content package that is so stuffed with search engine filler it’s hardly even readable.

Here’s the truth about keywords: they’re important, but chances are you already have all that you need.

Focus On Great Content for Car Buyers, Not Keywords for Search Engines

The sort of “keyword stuffing” that some are still trying to sell will actually hurt your site—search engines don’t trust you’re all about selling cars just because you repeat the phrase “cars for sale” thirty bajillion times.

They trust it when they see the right keywords—car makes and models, terms related to car buying like “MSRP” and “mileage,” and local keywords that identify where you do business—and they see users staying on your site, scrolling slowly, and clicking links. These are signs that users actually like your content, and that makes search engines think (rightly) that other users will like it, too.

If you already have descriptions of your dealership and the cars you’re selling—and if you have a website without those things, what are you thinking?—then chances are you already have all the keywording you need. Now you need to think about the real work in getting your website to rank higher with search engines, so more users will come across it and you can capture more of the hot leads that online searches can provide. That means focusing on the things that car buyers want to know, and giving them that information in the way they want to hear it.

And that means interactive videos that make the car shopping experience a breeze.

Dealer Video Showroom Can Help You Deliver Real Web Results

Forget the hype. Successful online marketing is the same as successful marketing everywhere: deliver the right message at the right moment using the right medium, and you’ll generate more interest, acquire more leads, and close more sales. All it takes is knowing the kind of content car buyers are looking for online, and then either creating or procuring that content and putting it on your site.

We think the evidence is pretty clear that video is here to stay, and we’ve got a full platform and an overstuffed library of original, interactive videos on every make and model of car manufactured since 2008. Partner with Dealer Video Showroom, and you have perfect content for the car buying public that can stream on any device, anywhere.

Stop by today and see how easy it is to get online marketing that works.

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