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Boosting Your Auto Dealership’s Authority, Part 2: Car Buyers

Posted by Collin Davis on 08/10/2015

In Part 1 of this article, you learned how adding the right content to your dealership’s website can help boost your authority with search engines. That boosted authority translates to higher rankings in search engine results, which means more people shopping for cars online will find their way to your dealership’s site. Given that most car buyers start their shopping with an Internet search, improving your search engine authority is definitely a worthwhile investment.

The leads you generate from a boost in search engine rankings are just the beginning, though. Publishing the right content on your website won’t just let search engines know that you’re a valuable resource when it comes to new cars, trucks, and SUVs—it will also give you greater authority with car buyers themselves. Why have them only semi-interested in buying from you when they pick up the phone or pull into the lot, when the right content can have them primed and ready for a sale?

Information Has Emotional Power

There’s the old sales adage that people buy on emotion, then rationalize with logic afterwards. When someone buys a car, they’re not simply purchasing a way to get from A to B that gives them the most economic return on their investment. They’re buying a vehicle that makes them feel emotionally satisfied or even superior—the car that tells them they made the right choice, out of the many other transportation options available.

That might make it seem like technical specifications, interior descriptions, and other concrete information about the cars you’re selling is irrelevant, but information actually has extraordinary emotional power. Especially because people think they buy on logic rather than emotion, providing the right information in an interactive format can help buyers feel more in control of the process and help them lead themselves to the emotional certainty required for a sale.

And when you’re the dealership setting the information at their fingertips and putting them in control, you’re creating an emotional trust that puts you at the top of the list of places to purchase.

Curate the Right Content, Convert More Customers

Great web content draws traffic to your site, and converts that traffic into sales revenue by speaking to the emotional state of the customer. For auto sales, there’s no question that interactive video content is the way to go. Users get the visual experience they need to connect with the vehicle, and can control the information they receive in order to to satisfy their emotional need to make the right choice. Backed with the facts, they’ll be certain they they’re ready to buy.

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