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Boosting Your Auto Dealership’s Authority, Part 1: Search Engines

Posted by Collin Davis on 08/03/2015

Search engines don’t sell cars. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t understand sales, and probably doesn’t understand online marketing, either.

Dealerships and sales professional sell cars, period. But while search engines are poor closers, they are one of the most efficient, effective, and essential lead generation and capturing tools around today. The vast majority of car buyers conduct initial shopping online, and that means they’re using search engines to find the cars they want, and to find the dealrships that might be able to sell them one.

If you’re not playing nicely with search engines, you’re losing hot leads.

Search Engines Respond to “Authority”

So, how do you make sure you dealership’s website—and more importantly, the pages on your site devoted to specific models—are showing up in search engine results? By increasing what search engine makers call “authority,” and becoming a trusted source of information related to your potential customers’ search terms.

Search engines need to offer their users the best possible information on the subject they’re searching, otherwise those searchers would end up using a different search engine (anyone still remember Alta Vista?). Exactly how search engines go about determining which web pages have the best information—which sites have the most “authority” on a given topic—for each search term is really complex and largely secret, but it all boils down to one thing:

Give people the information they want, in the form they want it, and make it quick.

Search engines look at the amount of content and the type of content (text, images, video, etc.) on every web page, and in general the more you have and the more varied it is (lots of content types), the better your page will do. In order to make sure that content is the high-quality stuff users want, though, they look at tons of other details like how the user interacts with your page, how long they spend on your site, where they go when they leave your site (to another dealership with better information? to a map to see exactly where you’re located so they can head out and buy their car?), and more.

If you put information your site that people find engaging and compelling, search engines will make sure your site gets in front of people’s eyes. It’s that simple. And when you partner up with Dealer Video Showroom, it’s even simpler.

How Dealer Video Showroom Gives You more Authority

Video content is what Internet users want, and that means it’s what search engines want to see. Dealer Video Showroom makes it easy and affordable to put detailed, informative videos on your site. Not only that, but our videos are proven to increase viewer interaction and are made to deliver the information car shoppers are actually looking for quickly and easily.

The content, the interaction, and the responses will all boost your authority with search engines, which means more car buyers landing on your site and coming through your showroom doors, ready for your team to make the sale.

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