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Monthly: August 2015

Does My Dealership’s Site Need Keywords for SEO?

Posted byCollin Davison24 08 2015. 0 Comments

Online marketing is, let’s face it, a confusing, convoluted cesspool. There are way too many “marketers” using businesses’ lack of knowledge and experience with the Internet to sell outdated, inefficient, and at times even harmful services, at prices that create profit margins so high even cable companies would blush. A lot…

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Car Buying is Getting Younger as Millennials Swarm

Posted byCollin Davison17 08 2015. 0 Comments

For a little over a year now, according to J.D. Power, Millennials have been an ever-more-important segment of car buyers, overtaking their older Gen X counterparts by 2% in new car sales for the first time in July of 2014—a trend that has only continued. While Baby Boomers—born between 1946 and…

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Boosting Your Auto Dealership’s Authority, Part 2: Car Buyers

Posted byCollin Davison10 08 2015. 0 Comments

In Part 1 of this article, you learned how adding the right content to your dealership’s website can help boost your authority with search engines. That boosted authority translates to higher rankings in search engine results, which means more people shopping for cars online will find their way to your…

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Boosting Your Auto Dealership’s Authority, Part 1: Search Engines

Posted byCollin Davison03 08 2015. 0 Comments

Search engines don’t sell cars. Anyone who tells you otherwise doesn’t understand sales, and probably doesn’t understand online marketing, either. Dealerships and sales professional sell cars, period. But while search engines are poor closers, they are one of the most efficient, effective, and essential lead generation and capturing tools around today.…

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