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SEO for Dealerships: How to Get Found at the Right Time

Posted by Collin Davis on 07/20/2015

Car dealerships are always open, but timing still plays an important part in many a dealership’s sales and marketing strategies.

Whether it’s car sales over spring and summer-time holiday weekends when the nice weather makes consumers warm towards a new car with dreams of road trip adventures in the latest comfort and style; or deals leading up to the winter gift-giving season to tap into car buyers’ generous spirits (and their neighborly one upmanship); or even email drip campaigns that are customized to each prospect’s buying cycle… these efforts aren’t enough to ensure you’re there to be found when customers are ready to buy. For that, you need SEO.

SEO for Dealerships in 100 Words or Less

SEO means “search engine optimization.” If your dealership’s website is better optimized for search engines than the one down the road, than you dealership will come up higher in the search results when customers are looking for cars to buy and places to buy them.

Search engines want to deliver what the people searching want. People searching for cars online want information about the cars they’re considering. Put better information that more people will like on your site and, all else being equal, you’ll have better SEO than your competition.

Whew. That wasn’t too painful, was it?

How Good SEO Means Good Timing for Car Sales

When your website has the content car consumers crave, it’s like having a 24/7 salesman ready to flag down anyone driving past your dealership and slowing down for a look. They show any interest in buying one of the cars you have for sale, and they find themselves on your site, absorbing the information you’ve provided and coming to see you as an authoritative source on the vehicles they want.

SEO means grabbing a potential customer’s attention right at the point in their personal buying cycle when they’ve demonstrated interest (by entering a search). The timing is always right because the customer is always controlling it—and you’re standing at the ready ’round the clock without even lifting a finger.

The trick is all in getting the right content on your site…and that’s where we come in. has invested tons of resources into building a comprehensive database of fully-navigable videos detailing the features and specifications of every car built since 2008.


If it rolled out of the factory anytime after 2007, we have a video that delivers all the information your potential customers are looking for, in the preferred medium for today’s online information consumption: video. Use our videos on your site, and both search engines and customers will love what you do, find you ahead of the competition, and put you in a position to gather more leads and close more sales than ever before.

We know there’s a lot of SEO snake oil being slung at car dealerships and sales managers, and we promise we aren’t a part of that crowd. We simply have great video content about your cars that online shoppers find useful and that search engines will reward—it’s that easy.

Contact us today for a free demo and see just how simple Dealer Video Showroom is when it comes to your dealership’s SEO success.

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