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Connected Cars for Connected Car Shoppers

Posted by Collin Davis on 07/27/2015

Though we can’t all be David Hasselhoff, the Knight Rider experience is something everyone has come to expect in their new car—a responsive, voice-activated way to adjust things in the car and to reach out to the world beyond.

Bluetooth smartphone integration, voice commands for information and entertainment systems, backup cameras with auto-alerts—today’s cars help consumers stay connected in a way that science fiction and yet to fully imagine just a few decades ago, and all of these features can be overwhelming for many in the market for a new car. They want it, they need it, but they frequently can’t really understand or even describe it.

That’s where you and your dealership’s sales team are supposed to come in, explaining these new features multiple times a day to shoppers who have heard of “the Bluetooth” and want to make sure their new car has one.

Or you could let someone else do the explaining for you.

Even the Unsavvy Are Car Shopping Online

The majority of all new car purchases made in the past few years included at least some if not a substantial amount of shopping online. Even consumers who might be confused by modern cars’ connectivity capabilities are turning to the Internet to learn about the vehicles that have caught their eye, and to figure out what features they can find under the hood, in the cabin, and connecting them to the cloud.

If you can reach out to these shoppers online and en masse, giving a thorough explanation of each car’s features in a way your potential customers can understand and appreciate, you can not only save time explaining the brave new world of constant interconnections, but help attract customers to your dealership as the source of authoritative and accessible information.

Videos give even the least tech savvy among us the best possible opportunity to understand the concepts, products, and services that allow us to connect to our cars and communicate around the globe. You can watch a segment multiple times when necessary, get comprehensive yet detailed information that is both visual and auditory to reinforce understanding, and do it all from the comfort of your home, office, coffee shop, etc.

Imagine being able to supply all of your potential customers with detailed information about every single car you have for sale, including the current communication and connectivity systems… Gives Your Car Buyers the Info They Need

Partner with Dealer Video Showroom, and your days of explaining the same hard-to-grasp features will be over. Give your customers the basic information they need before they come to the showroom, saving you time and helping both you and the buyer focus on purchase-specific questions.

We can help you give your potential customers the information they want and get them to come to you when they’re ready to buy. Boost sales and save time and frustration—contact us today about a free demo!

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