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Monthly: July 2015

Connected Cars for Connected Car Shoppers

Posted byCollin Davison27 07 2015. 0 Comments

Though we can’t all be David Hasselhoff, the Knight Rider experience is something everyone has come to expect in their new car—a responsive, voice-activated way to adjust things in the car and to reach out to the world beyond. Bluetooth smartphone integration, voice commands for information and entertainment systems, backup cameras…

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SEO for Dealerships: How to Get Found at the Right Time

Posted byCollin Davison20 07 2015. 0 Comments

Car dealerships are always open, but timing still plays an important part in many a dealership’s sales and marketing strategies. Whether it’s car sales over spring and summer-time holiday weekends when the nice weather makes consumers warm towards a new car with dreams of road trip adventures in the latest comfort…

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Does Shop-Click-Drive Tell the Whole Online Story for Dealerships?

Posted byCollin Davison13 07 2015. 0 Comments

When General Motors first rolled out their “Shop-Click-Drive” online portal for car purchases in 2013, only a few dealerships were enrolled in the pilot program. As of the end of 2014, more than a third of GM dealerships across the country have added “Shop-Click-Drive” to their websites, resulting in sales…

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