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Give Your Dealership’s Customers On Demand Car Stats

Posted by Collin Davis on 06/22/2015

Despite all the hype about how the Internet has wrought major changes for car dealerships and the world of auto sales, one major change has stirred up relatively little excitement: people shopping for cars can get more stats and more information about any model of car they’re interested in. While this might seem like an obvious feature of the Internet, it’s a fact that few dealerships have effectively adjusted to.

The dealership and interaction with sales professionals used to be a major source of information for car shoppers, with magazines and books rounding out the data for a small portion of the most discerning buyers. Now, many car buyers shop exclusively online, never picking up any print material and not setting foot in a dealership until they’re ready to sign a pre-negotiated contract and drive off the lot.

This means that consumers spend more time looking up specs, comparing details, and choosing their favorite features without any guidance or input from a sales professional. The Internet hasn’t just made it easy for car buyers to price shop, it’s changed the very nature of the interaction that happens between dealers and buyers.

You Can Still Be the Best Source of Information on Your Cars

So, car buyers aren’t coming to dealerships to learn about and compare the cars they’re considering. That doesn’t mean you and your dealership have to be left out in the cold, though. It just means you need to change the way you’re thinking about giving your potential buyers the information they’re after.

If your customers are doing their looking online, go online yourself and give them what they’re looking for—and what they’re looking for is numbers. Numbers that are easy to find and navigate, easy to understand and digest, and easy to compare across different makes and models.

Dealer Video Showroom’s Virtual Test Drives have all of the car specs and looks—both interior and exterior—your potental customers are looking for, on every car that’s rolled off any dealership’s lot since 2008. The specs are straightforward, giving consumers an easy way to see learn everything they want to know about the cars, trucks, and SUVs they’re considering, and to compare vehicle details across all makes and models.

The video format delivers this information in a way today’s online consumers appreciate the most, and we’ve also divided each video into sections that users can navigate to with a single click. Responsive, detailed information from the comfort of their own homes—that’s what’s car buyers go online looking for, and if they find it with on your dealership’s page it’s your sales team they’ll be reaching out to first.

Easy Integration, Easy Data, Easy Customer Attraction

Effective auto sales has always been about giving car buyers the right information in the right way, at the right time in their purchasing process. Building out your online presence with on-demand videos that provide stats and specs on every car on your lot is the best alternative to the role of a pre-Internet salesman—and it’s a whole lot cheaper, too.

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