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Autotrader Says Dealerships Need to Boost Customer Education

Posted by Collin Davis on 06/29/2015

After conducting a multi-phase survey involving thousands of United States’ car buyers, Autotrader has released it’s Car Buyer of the Future report, and it contains some promising news for auto dealerships willing to rise to the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Autotrader‘s president, Jared Rowe, sums up the study’s findings thusly:

While there is good work going on right now to adapt decades-old sales processes, consumers are telling us that we as an industry are not moving fast enough. By recognizing—and embracing—the need for change, we have a tremendous opportunity to surprise and delight our consumers.

The report doesn’t stop there, though. It also lends some concrete insights into how car customers want to be surprised and delighted—-and the first major insight is something that might surprise and delight you and your dealership’s sales team, as well.

Car Shoppers Want an In-Person Buying and LEARNING Experience

Though the vast majority of consumers include online searches as a significant part of their car-buying process, an overwhelming eighty-four percent still want the actual purchase of their vehicle in-person, at a dealership, and nearly half of everyone Autotrader surveyed—forty-three percent—said they see dealerships as a great place to learn about cars.

Car buyers still want approachable and knowledgeable dealerships and auto sales professionals—the Internet hasn’t changed this desire, it’s just changed the specifics of how this desire can be achieved. Now, instead of showing up at the dealership without prior knowledge, waiting for a sales professional to educate them from the tires up, the “car buyers of the future” want to go to the dealership to verify and clarify the information they’ve found online, and to be walked through a more streamlined though still personalized and personable process.

The strategy spelled out by Autotrader‘s findings is clear: make your dealership an authoritative source of information about your cars by providing the right online information, and maintain a friendly and educated sales team that can help reinforce in person what your customers learn from your website.

Give the info, attract the customers, verify the info and close the sale. That’s the future of car sales.

Video Information is Online Car Shopper’s Favorite

When it comes to the info car buyers want, videos are the best way to ensure complete coverage and an engaging, digestible presentation. Audio, visual, and textual information can be presented to attract and engage with different learning types, and easy navigation between video sections can give car buyers the specific information they’re looking for in various cars and features.

When your videos are optimized to work on smaller mobile screens and traditional desktop and laptop computers, your dealership will have wide online reach and increased opportunities to attract new customers through education.

Want an easy route to getting the right informative videos on your site, attracting potential customers with high-quality education about your cars and giving you the opportunity for sales-boosting in-person deals? Check out Dealer Video Showroom and see how we can help.

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